The Maasmarathon is a unique course in the heart of Europe

The particularity of the half marathon is its flat and very fast circuit.

A 21,100 km loop measured according to IAAF rules, taking the quiet paths and charming scenic rural roads along the Meuse.

General information


Each kilometre is indicated by a clearly visible sign.

Medical assistance

First aid posts are located at all refreshment stations and at the finish with the exceptional assistance of the CHC group.

The medical assistance, consisting of specialized doctors and emergency doctors, will ensure the safety of the event in a unique way. The ambulance staff is supervised by TRANS AMBU.


Stands are located every 3 km. They are organized as follows

  • Table 1 : personal drinks and supplies (only for marathon runners)
  • Table 2 : water
  • Table 3 : bananas, oranges, currants, gingerbread (from Km 15)
  • Table 4 : isotonic drinks
  • Table 5 : water
  • Table 6 : medical

Personal drinks will be given at the stand “bib collection” at the Cultural Centre, before 8 am on the day of departure.

Sponge stations

The 7 sponge stations are distributed among the refuelling stations.


May 09, 2021

Place of departure and arrival

Place Reine Astrid (Visé)

Departure time


Time limit



< 1h20


15€ until early May
20€ May 08 and 09

Registration and collection of bibs at the Cultural Centre (rue du Collège) on Saturday 08 May from 2pm to 6pm and Sunday 09 May from 7am.