The Maasmarathon is a unique course in the heart of Europe

There are 2 loops allowing a high density of supplies and animations.

The particularity of the Maasmarathon is its flat and ultra-fast cross-border course. The course follows quiet paths, beautiful and picturesque country roads along the Meuse. It passes through well-known villages and historical centres.

General information


Each kilometre is indicated by a clearly visible sign.

Medical assistance

Aid posts are located at all refreshment stations and at the finish with the exceptional assistance of the CHC group.

The medical assistance, consisting of specialized doctors and emergency doctors, will ensure the safety of the event in a unique way. The ambulance staff is supervised by TRANS AMBU.


Stands are located every 3 km. They are organised as follows :

  • Table 1: personal drinks and supplies
  • Table 2: water
  • Table 3: bananas, oranges, currants, gingerbread
  • Table 4: isotonic drink
  • Table 5: water
  • Table 6: medical

Personal drinks are to be provided at the Cultural Center, where you pick your number, before 8 am on the day when the race starts.

Sponge stations

The 7 sponge stations are distributed among the supplies stations.


On the course, signallers guide the runners. They are the guarantors of the respect of the circuit. It is mandatory to respect their indications.

Speed leaders

The organizers of the Maasmarathon offer you the opportunity to get behind experienced runners whose mission is to complete the 42,195Km in a set time.
Learn more about speed leaders


In case of withdrawal, the competitor will go to a refreshment point.
A vehicle will bring him back to the finish site.


Bicycles are admitted from the second loop for riders aiming for a time of more than 3 hours.


September 19, 2021

Place of departure and arrival

Place Reine Astrid (Visé)

Departure time


Time limit



30€ until early September
40€ September 18 and 19
6€ bike (for the second loop)

Registration and collection of bibs at the Cultural Centre (rue du Collège) on Saturday 18 September from 2pm to 6pm and Sunday 19 September from 7am.